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3 Tips for Roller Skating Rinks to Increase Revenue

With an admired form of entertainment changing every day constantly, parents are always looking for ways to share some experiences of their childhood with their kids. Aside from that if you grew up in the 80s, roller skating rinks must be an important part of your childhood. You looked forward to feeling the excitement of lacing up those skates. For the past few years, roller skating has recollected the attention of adults and children, offering an exciting and entertaining environment for everyone. Due to the nostalgic factor and mentioning in many shows and movies ( Stranger Things ) people are more eager to learn and experience roller skating.

First of all, hail on your decision to start a roller skating center. Roller skating is not only a fun activity for children, it’s a great exercise for adults too. The important rule for staying on top is to find and market fun activities other than skating. Some would suggest that the ideal plan for entering into the roller rink business is by purchasing a well-established, existing rink. Starting from scratch is always an option but it requires proper planning with a detailed business plan. When you’re new in the market, offer classes for learning how to skate, find a suitable location, and some other free pastime activities.

We’ve put together three creative and result-driven ideas for you to implement and increase your roller skating revenue.

Open A Bar, Snack Bar!

Also a piece of good advice for gym owners out there. Delicious food and drinks keep people engaged. If you haven’t considered and thought about the benefits of having a snack stall in your roller skating rink, you should. Eating creates an environment that encourages people to hang out for longer. It’s not easy to get a permit or license for selling food on roller skating rinks but hang in there, it’s the ultimate surefire way to bring more people and make them stay, spend money, and increase your revenue. 

Interested in Learning, anyone?

It’s the legit approach, to ensure you get more visitors at your roller skating rink. But not everyone knows how to skate, that’s where you swoop in and prove yourself at a one-stop shop for everything. From food to equipment you’ve everything to offer them. Yes, you can also supply a kit for roller skating. If you’ve secured some staff qualified and available to teach, basic steps, and even more advanced classes – you can not only increase revenue but also increase visitor traffic and endear your business in the neighborhood community. Use Picktime, online scheduling software for renting out your sports items.

Picktime is packed with powerful features to help you manage your staff and their availability for teaching sessions and renting out your equipment. Use a resource management system to let you allocate sports items to customers and staff. Using Picktime you can also verify who booked the item and the dates & rates of rental and return. To know about more exciting features, sign up for free today!

Run Events and Offer Discounts

One of the great ways to increase your roller skating rink revenue is by hosting events, preferably right before the vacations. By doing this you’ll be able to introduce yourself to those who may not know about your business yet. Roller skating rinks are wonderful for family fun, something special with discounted prices, and encourage them to register. Think about themes to attract audiences from all age groups, 70s discord parties, and to appeal to the tween and teens planning a “TikTok” night. Not only will this help in getting noticed but you’ll get some amazing shoots to use for marketing. If the other regular local skating rinks are getting kids and adults, with your dedication it’s certain to see a surge in the audience at your roller skating rink too.  

But as with other businesses, there are always ways to improve sales and increase clientele. Ultimately, what it is about your roller skating rink business that makes you stand out from the crowd within your city or town. Once you have a solid answer for this, you’re ready to make effective improvements.

There you have it! Some creative and effective ideas to increase revenue and engage traffic into your roller skating rink business. Once you’ve incorporated one or a few of the ideas you can work toward expanding your skating rink business.

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