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Bursting Myths Related to an Attendance Management System

It’s high time to change our methods for capturing attendance and shift to more efficient and simple methods. The most prominent example of this is a biometric attendance system.

What exactly is a biometric attendance system accomplish? It is a way to record employees’ attendance and time information using their biometric data for those unfamiliar. The most widely employed biometric devices include fingerprint scanners, the iris scan, and facial recognition as well as other.

Then, let’s briefly explain how the biometric attendance system operates. A database is built with the biometric data of employees. Each employee is identified by their employee ID. This information is usually saved and later retrieved from the cache of the system, cloud, or even the server depending on the implementation method. The biometric scanner is located at the entrance, where employees are expected to scan their fingers, eyes, or face. The scans are compared to the information stored in the database to find an exact match and mark the attendance. This is as easy as it gets.

Let’s look at some myths relating to these Biometric Attendance Systems that hinder those who want to make the change to modern methods.

1. High cost: However, it’s just one time, while the long-term ROI can be pretty impressive.

Each new tool or system includes a cost for installation. It is the same as the biometric attendance system. The prices might indeed seem high at the beginning, but they are far from the amount of energy, time, and workforce that it could save over a more extended period of time.

With a biometric attendance solution, the time required for time calculation and payroll is significantly reduced. Any attendance or report of absence can be created quickly from any location using the data on the cloud.

2. Micromanagement is a way to demotivate employees the process promotes the concept of transparency

A biometric attendance system results in more transparency in the system. There aren’t any proxy attendances, miscalculations, or human error in recording attendance. This could ensure a clear understanding of the working hours required and the hours at the office. This also encourages employees to keep their hours as scheduled and removes irrelevant questions regarding the time and attendance.

3. Privacy It encourages accountability

Many people might feel they lose their privacy because they’re being watched. However, biometric attendance systems will bring greater accountability in the real world. The system is accountable for the time you work in the office. This amount is directly connected to the salary that employees earn. Scheduled shifts and logging in from various locations become easy and simple using a biometric attendance system. These advantages are enjoyed by the employee and by the business.

4. Security concerns for personal data Security Guaranteed

Concerns about the protection of personal information are not relevant. Every business that offers biometric attendance systems will have to sign a legally binding document that guarantees the security and privacy of your personal information. If it is violated the business could be prosecuted in court. Therefore, these companies will ensure that your information is protected and won’t be accessed by a third party.

5. Inaccuracy of data Absolute certainty

There is no doubt that there is any doubt about the accuracy of the information. When using a biometric attendance system, the attendance will be taken only by your unique knowledge, like fingerprints, and there is no possibility of having a proxy attendance. It is also crucial to remember that many biometric attendance systems are equipped with a backup of data and power so that your data are safe should there be power or system failure.

6. Support and frequent updates are required: The updates help to make the system more secure

Each new system requires some time to be set up. Employees will also need some time to become accustomed to the latest equipment. There might be some issues during this time. As a business, you must select the biometric attendance vendor that provides excellent after-sales service. If the vendor offers regular updates, it’s improving the biometric system to be more secure and resistant to external threats. This is an advantage and not a disadvantage.

7. Technology resistance

It’s the right time to adopt technology to simplify life. Technology makes life easier and easy. Biometric attendance systems can benefit employees, businesses, and everyone working in payroll and HR systems. The long-term advantages of this technology are multiple. Therefore, don’t be afraid of the changes.

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