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CRM key opportunities for business and employees

Choosing a CRM for business is a difficult task. Of course, you can always choose the first CRM that comes across

Choosing a CRM for business is a difficult task. Of course, you can always choose the first CRM that comes across, but this approach does not guarantee absolutely nothing and certainly no automation of interaction with counterparties. Even at the very start (at the stage of choosing such Software), it is necessary to consider the technical capabilities of the system, the specifics of your company’s business processes, and the features of your product and product range. But even this thorough approach is just the tip of the iceberg.

Today we will talk about how to choose the best crm tools for customer service systems based on the needs of your business. Let’s analyze the technical features and properties that such a platform should have and talk about the connection of the CRM system with business processes.

What to Choose From

The CRM market in our country is already developed and entirely independent. In 2021, you can find genuinely convenient solutions that optimize sales, financial reporting, and all related marketing processes.

Therefore, within the material’s framework, I propose focusing on domestic CRM, which has many reviews that have managed to establish themselves in Russia.

Let’s look at the functionality of an ideal CRM in terms of business opportunities: communication with employees and customers, task scheduling, and staff performance control. But first, a little about the specifics of the product.

Cloud or Box

Cloud CRM is delivered on the principle of Software as a service – Software as a service. It allows you to plunge immediately into the work – just register and make a payment. After that, it can be used.

If you are not sure about the choice of the tariff, then, in this case, you can use the free trial period and understand what functionality is missing. Next – depending on the need to choose the appropriate tariff.

In this case, the required Software is located on the developer’s servers. You don’t have to look for an IT specialist to set up the server and maintain its maintenance. Support for cloud crm consultancy services is usually speedy.

Boxed CRM is stand-alone software that is tailored for installation by a specialist. Usually – basic functionality, without customization. The price is usually much higher than cloud solutions.

Implementing The First CRM

The most obvious is the lack of goals for a company’s management that wants to implement such an environment for customer relationships. If management does not understand what needs to be done to optimize work through CRM, then no (even the most perfect) environment will be able to put things in order.

Another reason is the human factor, which is the primary opponent of CRM implementation. It is difficult to find employees who will welcome such global changes as the introduction of CRM. Such specialists are used to doing their work differently, without unnecessary gestures in CRM.

How to Implement CRM Correctly.

First, management should decide on the implementation goals: what do you want to achieve with CRM? Then you need to hold a meeting for the entire office and convey plans for implementation to employees.

Secondly, register the employees who will be responsible for CRM integration.

Thirdly, to explain to each employee who will work with CRM the advantages and disadvantages of this system. Be sure to conduct training with tests and verification of knowledge gained.

Do you want managers and other employees to enthusiastically embrace the idea of ​​implementing CRM? Make bonuses for successfully passing the test the first time. Motivate employees in any suitable way: a one-time salary increase, symbolic gifts, paid days off – there are many options.

CRM features

  • Reports
  • Sales program
  • Finance Accounting
  • Access rights
  • Targets and goals
  • Communications

Final Words 

Doing business without CRM today is simply inconvenient. Of course, it is possible to summarize information about customers and each application in Excel, but it is long and complex, especially when there are a lot of sales.

In addition to the large and long-established Perfex CRM, promising and ultimately new solutions have recently appeared. Choose and integrate the one that suits your business.

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