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Health and Fitness

Differentiate Between AllScripts EMR and Centricity EMR

It’s not easy to make the decision to purchase an EMR system in your medical practice. When making a decision, you should take into account your budget and practice’s platform. Allscripts and Centricity share similar features such as charting and appointment management. Both systems are available for any size practice and can increase productivity.

What is Centricity software?

Centricity is an electronic health record system (EHR), that supports practices administratively and clinically. The Centricity EMR practice administration allows doctors and administrators to manage all aspects of running a practice including scheduling appointments, billing and follow-ups. The Centricity portal allows you to access patient data and electronic medical records from Centricity.

The Essential Features

Appointment management: Manage special equipment and exam rooms. Schedule appointments and monitor the at-risk patients. Scheduling can be almost automated, increasing exam room utilization and decreasing no-shows by sending reminders to patients.

Health Analytics This allows for the identification of patient patterns and provides information to health organizations about how they compare with other practices. These analytics are designed to improve the health of a specific group.

E–Prescribing: doctors can send refill requests directly at pharmacies and also check for drug-to drug or drug-to allergy interactions based on the patient’s current medications and diagnosis. This tool allows medication tracking and reduces medication errors.

Billing Management This software automates billing and payments by sending invoices to patients automatically and notifying them about upcoming payments. All code errors are automatically corrected before claims are submitted. This allows for faster reimbursement and higher acceptance rates.

Voice Recognition/Handwriting: You can use voice recognition and handwriting tools to quickly and easily create charts and reports. Software adapts to user’s practice and lets them use real-life terminology rather than specific codes.

Self Service Portal: Doctors and patients can both access the portal to communicate remotely. The portal can be used by patients to book appointments, pay their bills, and do other tasks. Doctors can save notes and send alerts directly to patients.

Centricity Review

After analyzing 198 reviews on software review sites, Centricity EMR scored 76% in satisfaction.

Pricing for Centricity

Centricity EMR costs 9.8 less than its competitors. There aren’t many options for flexible plans available to customers. You can read the article below to learn more about the total cost of ownership (TCO), including customization, data migration and training, as well as hardware maintenance, upgrades and other costs.

What are Allscripts?

Allscripts allows healthcare organizations to manage their clinical and operational needs. Allscripts allows for lab integration, scheduling and management of patient records.

It offers both cloud and on-premise EHR options. Allscripts cloud EHR comes with a mobile app clients can access from anywhere.

The Essential Features

EHR: Clinicians have the ability to record and store patient data for future reference. This system is suitable for both smaller hospitals and specialty clinics. The solution you provide will depend on whether you offer inpatient or ambulatory care.

Population health: CareInMotion is a platform for population management. CareInMotion provides patient engagement, data analysis and patient care coordination among many other features. It allows doctors to focus on local priorities and analyze the health of a group.

Precision Medicine This allows for more personalized prescribing of medication. It can also share information for research and pharmacogenomics.

E–Prescribing makes it faster and easier for doctors and patients to prescribe. Based on the current diagnosis and medication, pharmacies can access patients’ medications and receive alerts regarding drug-to drug or drug-to allergy interactions.

Financial Management Use planning, analytics and revenue cycle activities in combination to manage finances and track revenues. This will improve efficiency.

Employer-Health Programmes: These programmes encourage employees to pay more attention to their health, and help them track their progress.

Allscripts Software Review

After considering 181 user reviews on 2 software review sites, Allscripts was awarded a 61% satisfaction rating.

Pricing for Allscripts

Allscripts received a rating of 6.4 compared to its competition. Customers have limited options with Allscripts. A license is $150 for the first provider.

Comparison of Allscripts and Centricity

There are many electronic health records (EHRs) on the market today. It can be difficult to find the right one for you. Centricity EHR by GE Healthcare is a popular EHR system, as well as Allscripts EHR. While both systems have many benefits and features, there are key differences you need to know before you make a decision.

Centricity EHR is intuitive and user-friendly, with a focus on streamlining the clinical workflow. Some of its cool features include automatic coding suggestions, the ability to pull up patient records via voice commands, and even the ability to code automatically. Allscripts EHR boasts a wide range of features including built-in tools for population health management and the ability to create custom reporting. Allscripts EHR is more affordable than Centricity EHR in terms of pricing. Both systems have flexible pricing options that can easily be customized to suit your needs and budget.

Which EHR system is best for you? The decision is ultimately up to you and your preferences. Allscripts EHR might be an option for you if you are looking for a low-cost plan with powerful features.

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