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Health and Fitness

Ear Reshaping in Abu Dhabi: Otoplasty in Abu Dhabi

One of a person’s classic “calling cards” has always been their exquisite ear shape. Otoplasty, often known as ear reshaping, is a procedure used in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to correct inherited and acquired auricle abnormalities. Any issues with the auricle’s form can be successfully resolved with this technique. The procedure is carried out with bulging ears, lopsided earlobes, and occasionally a full or partial absence of the auricle.

A surgical treatment called ear correction is used to treat bulging ears. Depending on how much the ears protrude from the head, different surgical procedures are employed. One of the most frequent aesthetic procedures is ear correction or Ear Reshaping in Abu Dhabi.

The ears are typically located near the head. But occasionally people refer to protruding ears or protruding ears when the ears stick out more than 30 degrees from the head.

Results of Ear Reshaping:

The distance between the area behind the ears and the posterior margin of the outer ear. On the auricle’s back, the surgeon cuts away some skin and cartilage. The ear is forced against the head as a result, giving it a more natural appearance.

Varieties of otoplasty:

Otoplasty comes in two flavors: aesthetic and reconstructive.

Congenital cosmetic abnormalities of the ears can be fixed through aesthetic otoplasty. It allows you to alter the size, position, and form of the ears. Visit our site to know about Chronic Pain.

As a result of wounds, burns, or developmental abnormalities, reconstructive otoplasty tries to restore the auricle.

Ideal Applicant:

Those seeking to address the following issues are the ideal candidates for the Ear Reshaping in Abu Dhabi:

Uneven ear
the ears’ asymmetry
the unattractive appearance of the ears
birth defects affecting the auricle
Patients must be at least 6 years old since up until then, the youngster is actively growing the bones of their ears. For those who suffer from the following conditions, it is not advised:

cardiovascular or oncological conditions
Chronic hypertension, acute infectious diseases, and lactating mothers
Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid Conditions, and Blood Clotting Issues

Prior to Surgery:

You must adhere to the following rules before having an otoplasty or ear reshaping in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain:

Before your treatment, you might need to stop taking some drugs, notably blood thinners like aspirin.
The patient shouldn’t eat or drink anything for six hours prior to the operation if it’s done under general anesthesia.
Before the procedure at Earlobe Correction, the patient should speak with the surgeon or anesthesiologist about whether to discontinue or continue taking any morning medicine.
Smokers should refrain from smoking both before and after surgery to speed up wound healing and avoid impeding it.

Otoplasty/Ear Reshaping Cost:

In Abu Dhabi, ear surgery might cost between 15,000 and 18,000 dirhams. Each procedure has a different price based on how complicated it is, how skilled the surgeon is, and how advanced the clinic is. After the initial consultation, the surgeon will calculate the cost of each procedure.

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