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Embroidery Tips and Tricks

Embroidery is a fantastic way of customizing your garments. I would say that it needs creativity and patience. These are the two things you must have to embroider. Now you may ask for embroidery tips and tricks. Well, you should have a hundred per cent faith in me and this article which is from Print Britannia . It contains the best guideline to excel in embroidery work. 

On transferring design 

In order to transfer your chosen design to fabric, you may follow any of the following ways. These are –

  • Iron-on Transfer
  • Tracing 
  • Prick and Pounce
  • Water Soluble Stabilizer
  • Carbon 
  • Ink-Jet Printer
  • Transfer Mesh
  • Stitch or Transfer from the Back
  • Tissue Paper and Tacking Stitches

Endeavouring different floss strand counts

An identical stitch can help you create different types of flowers on the fabric. You merely need to adjust the number of threads. Let’s say you wish for a lush flower with lots of bodies. In that case, I recommend 4-6 threads. And better use 1-3 threads when you need to create a dainty, delicate flower. 

Setting the working environment 

It would help best if you secured a quiet-separate room for your work. However, the most important thing is to have decent lighting all over the room. It helps you excel and protects your eyes. There are needlework-friendly lights available in the market. 

The usage of interfacing

It will be wise to press medium-weight fusible interfacing on the fabric’s wrong side before embroidering. It not only gives strength to your fabric but also prevents stretching and provides the desired finish. 

Stitching on linen

Do you know what sort of linen creates charm? Well, something that comprises a bit of an uneven surface because of natural slubs. Then why won’t you apply for better aesthetics? 

No worries, you will have this available with various colours, weights, weaves, and thread counts. True, it is more costly than cotton. However, you can make a good return on investment too! 

You better press while it is damp. Though stitched linen becomes softer, interestingly, its crispiness gets back after a wash! 

Lettering to embroidery

Adding text or words to embroidery is always recommendable. You can either use a pencil or a heat erasable pen. After inputting handwriting on the fabric, you merely need to stitch over it. 

Or you might be thinking of a particular typeface. Then you can easily print out the lettering to trace over. 

Regarding your fabric’s protection 

Often our fabric gets marked by the hoop. It’s a common problem. Therefore you need to wrap cotton tape all over the inner ring. It will help you protect the embroidery fabric. 

Would you please ensure that the cotton tape overlaps? Yes, then tighten it at the stitching’s end. Here you have three benefits –

  • It becomes a bar to ring marks, 
  • Provides a tighter fit and 
  • Keeps the fabric taut

The use of thread conditioner 

Often we use metallic threads, don’t we? Apart from that, it would help best if you applied a thread conditioner. It is efficient to run a cut length of thread, slip through the fabric and avoid tangles. 

Ending Thoughts 

How are you feeling about these embroidery tips and tricks right now? Better leave a comment. I hope these suggestions will suffice to go many miles. Best of luck! 


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