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Find your Best Vacuum Cleaners In Pakistan

Best and Affordable Prices Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners: Dust around the house is a big problem. Dust-filled air can cause all kinds of respiratory problems, and it’s an ongoing battle to keep your home clean. Thankfully you don’t have to carry on with this constant fight.

Whether you own a home or apartment. there are great options for cleaning that won’t require hours and hours of your time every week. We’ll show you what to look for in a good vacuum cleaner, as well as give you our picks for top-rated vacuums at different price points.

How To Pick The Best One?

In Pakistan, vacuum cleaners are an essential part of every home. It is a cleaning tool that is used to clean floors and other surfaces. Vacuum cleaning has been a part of our lives for the last few decades and it is one of the best ways to get rid of any dust and dirt in your house or office.

Vacuum cleaners have been designed in many different shapes and sizes. So, that they can be used for different purposes.

Some cleaners come with attachments that can be used for cleaning specific areas like curtains or stairs.

Its designed especially for pet owners who need to remove hair from their floors and furniture regularly.

There are also powerful ones that can clean large areas quickly and efficiently, which is why they are preferred by many people around the world.

There are many varieties available in the Mi store that sell high-quality vacuum cleaners at affordable price.

which makes them accessible to everyone regardless of their budget or social status. You will find various types of vacuum cleaners such as stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, robot vacuums, carpet cleaners, etc at the Online Mi Store in Pakistan.

Mi Store Vacuum Cleaners Price In Pakistan

In this article, you will find the latest information about Mi store vacuum cleaner prices in Pakistan. The Mi Store has just launched a new range of vacuum cleaners that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very powerful.

Mi Store has launched five vacuum cleaners under its new range of products. But two vacuum cleaners have been sold out and three has restocked.

The first product is a Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 with a price tag of Rs 59,999.

Second one is a Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light priced at Rs 24,999.

The third one is a Mi Vacuum Cleaner mini priced at Rs 9,899, the fourth one is a Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C and the fifth one is a Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market and one of them is Mi Store Vacuum Cleaner. It is manufactured by Xiaomi Company, a very popular company known for its smartphones and other electronic gadgets.

It has launched many products in Pakistan but due to some reasons, it hasn’t yet launched its products here.

If you want then you can buy them from its official website which offers these products at very reasonable prices with the free delivery facility so don’t miss this offer if you want to save money on your purchase then check it out now!

Mi Store Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Mi Store vacuum cleaner robot is the first vacuum cleaner robot with a full-range intelligent cleaning system. It has an intelligent sensor that can automatically recognize obstacles and avoid them, which makes it easier to clean up the dust. It also has a separate dust box, which can be easily detached, making it convenient to clean up the dust.

The Mi Store vacuum cleaner robot comes with four ultrasonic sensors that can detect obstacles within a range of 1.5 meters away. This allows it to operate more smoothly in complex environments such as stairs and corners, where other robots may not be able to move freely.

This vacuum cleaner robot’s suction power is strong enough to raise the carpet back into place after vacuuming and its motor will automatically adjust according to the floor conditions for better cleaning results.

Additionally, its two-in-one design makes it convenient to transport: when you’re ready to vacuum, just push a button on top of the robot, and it will pull itself up so you can move it about by hand (like a suitcase). When you’re ready to store it, just push another button on the robot’s top, and it will automatically lower itself until it meets the ground once more, making storage simple.

Mi Store Vacuum Machine

It features a powerful motor that can clean your house in no time. It also has a high-quality HEPA filtration system that removes 99% of pollen, dust, and other allergens from the air without producing any noise.

The Mi store vacuum cleaner uses an intelligent auto-suck sensor to detect when there is an object in front of it and activates automatically.

This equipped with a detachable long hose. Which allows you to reach hard-to-reach places like under furniture or along edges. You can also use it as an upright cleaner by adjusting its height according to your needs.

Mi Store Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

The Mi store automatic vacuum cleaner is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can be controlled by your phone. It has a laser sensor to detect obstacles. When its power runs out, it can return to its charging station automatically. It has a wireless charging pad and remote control.

With the help of the device’s intelligent control button. you can switch between the normal mode and the turbo mode depending on the type of surface you wish to clean.

Additionally, it includes a huge capacity dustbin that can hold up to 0.5 liters of dirt before needing to be emptied once again.


– The laser sensor detects obstacles up to 5cm high and avoids them automatically.

– Cleans all types of surfaces including carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, and even furniture.

– Approved for use on hardwood floors with protective mats installed.

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