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Food and Drink

Fruit Platters and Sandwich Combos to Make Your Picnic Perfect

Order Fruit Platters and Sandwich Combos Online in London

When the festive month begins, so do the picnics! With so many delicious food and drink choices, it can be hard to know where to start. Well, worry no more because here’s your guide to some of the best sandwich and fruit platter combinations guaranteed to make your summer picnic perfect! Whether you’re looking for savoury or sweet, sweet or savoury, we’ve got you covered with these amazing ideas!

Top Tips for Preparing for a Picnic

Remember that picnics are usually more casual than seated dinners when planning a picnic. While you should always make sure your guests feel comfortable, relaxed gatherings where no one has to worry about anything but having a great time are often easier for the hostess- or party-planning purposes. 

To make your picnic day run smoothly and have everyone (including yourself!) feeling wonderful by the party’s end, be sure you’re prepared with everything you need before you head out.

Simple Fruit Platters That Are Amazing

No matter what kind of picnic you have planned, there’s one thing that will make it even better: a delicious fruit platter. Nothing says a home-cooked meal like a little fruit, whether for a summer barbecue or an afternoon in the park with friends. With Owen Brother Catering fruit platters, you can make your picnic spectacular. 

The best part is they don’t take much effort—use whatever fruits are in season at your local market! Mango/Coconut Platter: Coconut lovers unite! This platter combines sweet mangoes with crunchy coconut for a tropical treat everyone will love. If you want something easy to throw together at home, just chop up some mangoes (about 3 cups) and mix them with 1 cup of flaked coconut.

Versatile Salads That Will Impress Everyone

A salad is a healthy way to start a picnic, but it doesn’t have to be basic! Get your family together for a backyard BBQ—and try out these creative salads that everyone will love. Whether you want something light or hearty everything is perfect.

You can even use some of these recipes as side dishes at home! And don’t forget to order some of the best sandwiches from the best catering company like Owen brothers catering and order your favourite sandwiches like turkey club or chicken salad sandwiches to order (which we also include in our sandwich combos). They make great additions to any meal outside or inside your home.

Vegetarian Meals That Aren’t Boring at All

Eating meat isn’t for everyone, which means that some people may have trouble finding meatless meals that are tasty and satisfying. A vegetarian diet is often healthier since it typically contains more vegetables than meals rich in animal protein, such as red meat. 

Delicious Gluten-Free Snacks That Aren’t Boring

When trying to lose weight, your favourite snacks are probably off-limits. When it comes to gluten-free foods, however, there are loads of options that taste great and contain little or no calories. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite options here!  The Ultimate Low-Calorie Fruit Bowl: If you’re craving something sweet, the fruit is a healthy alternative to most desserts—even if they have many more calories than fresh produce.

Tricks to Eat Healthy Without Getting Bored

Eating healthy can get boring. The only vegetables we ever eat are carrots and celery, so we don’t even like eating them! But to stay healthy, we must practice self-discipline when choosing what we put into our bodies. 

Here are strategies for eating healthier without getting bored with your diet. We’ve all heard how bad fat is for us. It makes us fat, sick, and complacent; there’s no reason to have it if you care about staying fit or losing weight. But here’s something you probably haven’t heard before: Fats aren’t all bad—some fats are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Owen Brothers Catering

We at Owen Brothers provide the services of the best afternoon tea delivery in London. From cooking and handling to delivery of delicious meals at your doorsteps, we keep the hygiene and health of our customers at utmost priority. Visit our official website to know more about our services.

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