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How Do You Know When To Change Your Voopoo Vape Coil

No matter how long or short your vaping experience has been, it’s helpful to be aware of the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your voopoo vape coil.

Coils don’t last forever. If you want to increase the life span of your voopoo vape coil, you should clean it often. However, your need to replace your coil after some time for consistent smoke. Some signs that your e-cigarette requires new coils are mentioned here.

What is Voopoo vape coil

In a vape, the coil is what heats the e-liquid, turning it into vapor. Wire and wick are the two main components of premade coils; the wick is typically comprised of cotton fiber or synthetic foam and soaks up the juice.

Burn Flavor in your Vape

No matter what vaping device you use, the flavor of your voopoo vape will sometimes burn. What causes this to happen? The cloud of burned vapor can irritate your respiratory system and make you cough. Many things could cause your vape to taste burnt. This is not what you want, but the good news is that it’s easy to avoid. If you’ve ever tried vaping, you know that the “burnt” taste that stays at the back of your throat is awful. It has a sharp, unpleasant smell that may even induce nausea. If your vapor tastes burnt, it’s time to replace your vape coil.

Why Voopoo vape coil leaks 

The vape pod leaks when the excess e-liquid is trapped in the pod’s atomizer. The coil is made of cotton or silica. It absorbs e-juice from the tank and transports it to the coil. The wick part in contact with the voopoo coil dries out as you inhale. When the wick dries up, it can soak up more e-liquid. When you inhale through a vape, air pressure is created, which aids in sucking e-liquid from the tank.

When too much e-liquid becomes trapped in the pod’s coil, the voopoo vape coil makes a gurgling sound. When you take a puff, the e-liquid bubbles or gurgles because the wick can’t hold all of it. Then, the e-liquid will either slowly make its way up the pod’s central air tube and out the air intake ports or spill into your mouth.

You can avoid the leakage of the coil by regulating the flow of e-liquid to the atomizer coil. 

Strange Vape Flavor

When an e-cigarette coil becomes too old, the taste of the e-liquid can take on an odd quality. If your coil starts to die and your favorite e-Juice suddenly tastes “wrong,” that’s a red flag. 

Getting a faulty bottle of e-Juice is possible, but a clogged voopoo coil is a bigger reason. A dead coil can be identified by a lack of flavor, especially toward the end of the session. 

Last but not least, a problem with flavor mixing due to worn coils. You may blame your coil if you’ve recently switched from lemonade to mint e-Juice and are now getting an unpleasant blend of the two flavors. To prevent this taste, vapers replace their coils whenever they switch flavors.

Vape produces less vapor.

Over time, your voopoo coil will create less and less vapor. When your coil gives out smoke, you’ll notice a significant decrease in vapor production. If you’ve seen a drastic decline in the quality of your cloud chasing, it’s time to change your coil. 

A dead battery could also contribute to diminished vapor output. Before changing the complete coil, check the battery life. Possibly it’s time to upgrade your mod’s battery if your device is no longer keeping a charge.

How to increase the life span of your voopoo vape coil

1- Soak or prime the coil before using it. Priming is the best way to ensure your wick is completely wet before you take your first drag.

2- Sugar in cheap e-liquids destroys coils. Sugar caramelization destroys voopoo vape coils. After soaking up so much e-liquid, the coils’ wicks burn out and become ineffective. Premium e-liquids reduce coil wear.

3- Cleaning coils prevent e-liquid buildup. Rinse the coil under warm running water to remove any e-liquid residue. If your coils are still clogged, soak them overnight in vodka, vinegar, or warm water. Leave the coil to dry on an absorbent dish towel before reinsertion.

4- Vegetable glycerin, from which most e-liquids acquire their high VG content, has a thick viscosity that can clog coils. Although sub-ohm, direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping with high VG juices produces satisfying clouds, 50:50 blends and Nic Salts are better for coil life. A high VG e-liquid can clog vape coils. However, PG e-liquid is considerably thinner and doesn’t have the same effect.

5- If you want to avoid getting a “dry hit,” make sure the reservoir in your vape kit is always at least to this mark. A burned vape coil is irreparable, but you can extend the life of your coils by maintaining and priming them.

Expert advice to change your voopoo vape coil

If you’re using your coil frequently, you should replace it often. If you use a vape pen regularly, you should replace it once a week. If it’s not used frequently, a month and a half would be plenty of time to make a switch.

You should keep extra coils because you never know when you’ll need to switch them out.

Key Takeaway

At some point, your voopoo coil burns the remaining e-liquid, making the air you breathe harsh and possibly irritating your throat. The cotton will break down at some point, and the e-liquid will leak.

The best way to keep the taste of e-liquid intact. If you are vaping menthol e-liquid and then switching to another flavor, you will still be able to taste the menthol. If you want to change the wattage, you can do so by changing the voopoo coil. Remember that higher or lower values give you more power and denser clouds.

Also, the taste gets worse over time and is no longer bearable.

Overall, it’s clear that you need to keep your vaporizer in good shape and change the coils regularly.

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