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How to draw a library

How to Draw a Library

There are few things more relaxing than reading a good book, but with how expensive books can get, it can become quite a costly hobby to keep up with! That’s where libraries come in, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite books for free. They are also a valuable source of information and educational resources and are often beautifully designed. Visiting a library can be a lot of fun, and learning how to draw a library can be fun too! If you want to create your library, this will be your tutorial! Our step-by-step guide on drawing a library will show you how fun and easy it can be to do just that.

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How to Draw a Library – Let’s Get Initiated!

Step 1

This first step of our guide on how to draw a library will start with you removing the ceiling. You can begin by drawing a long, thin rectangle shape for the base of the roof. For this and the following steps, you may want to have a ruler handy to help you draw the various parts of the bookcase. Then draw two small lines coming down from each side of the roof. Then remove a thin border over the rectangle you just drew. Finally, draw a triangular shape on the edge of the rectangle for the roof’s slope. You can draw a smaller triangle shape inside and then be ready for the next step.

Step 2

Now that you have your library ceiling drawing, you can start drawing the next section in this part. Using your ruler, draw a long line under the roof and then stick out a few diagonal lines. Then, connect these diagonal lines with another one below them. The reference image will show you what this section should look like. Next, we’ll draw some columns below the roof section you just drew. These columns will have several quotes, some more square and others more round. Once you have removed these columns as they appear in our image, you can continue to the third step of the guide.

Step 3

In this third step of our how-to draw a bookcase guide, you’ll add a base and some steps leading up to the bookcase entrance. This base will have a top row of five thin sections side by side. So there will be four square sections at the bottom of this base section. The exception to this will be in the center, as there will be some longer rectangular shapes for the steps leading up to the library.

Step 4

Now that the outline of your library drawing is complete, we can start adding some detail to the image. In this first step, you’ll add some windows, and we’ll start with the smaller windows on the top sides of the library. These can be drawn as small squares with even smaller ones inside them. We will then remove a fancier window below each of these squares. These windows will have straight vertical sides with a rounded top for their contours. Then, draw a short rectangle at the inner base of the outlines and finish them off with two long vertical shapes. All that remains is to add the final details and elements in the next step!

step 5

This fifth step of our guide on drawing a bookshelf will allow you to add the final elements to finish it off. In this part, we will mainly focus on removing the library door. This door choice is a barely larger version of the method you drew for the windows. It will have the same long, rounded shape for the top half of the door with a shorter rectangular shape at the base, exactly as the windows did. Once this door is drawn, you can also add a few more details of your own! These can be anything from people walking in and out of the library to some bushes or other background details to make the image more dynamic. These are just a few ideas, but what else can you think of to finish off this fantastic drawing of yours from the library?

Step 6

To finish this library completely, we’re going to have some fun adding colors to your artwork. In our reference image, we use some more muted colors that have a bit of a shimmer to create a more attractive look for the library. Although the colors are more muted, we tried to use some brighter blues for the windows for a bit of contrast. We chose these colors, but it’s all about creating your perfect library! Therefore, you should feel free to use whatever artistic medium and color you want for it.

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