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How To Register Litter Doodle

You have the option to individually register your litter (group of puppies) with the American Litter Registry and receive a unique identity and certification. Our cheaper registration fees for litter are used towards the development of litter in the future. Simply said, a tiny donation will prevent the extinction of puppies, aid in reproduction, and do much more. To register litter and stop it from being lost or stolen, use an online form. Online litter registration is a service offered by ADR for a little fee.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are a breeder or a breeder’s owner, register your litter with American Doodle registration to take advantage of a number of services we offer. The ADR will mail you a litter kit with a unique registration form for each puppy and a form for collecting records once you complete the litter registration application and pay the necessary payments. Before distributing the litter kit to puppy buyers, the owner must check and inspect it.

The litter registration search with ADR is completely dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible with a fresh update & client-oriented policy. Our litter Doodle Registry registration website is always open, allowing customers to quickly verify the registration lookup depending on time & availability.

ADR- Litter registration lookup

You can register your puppies with ADR in a few simple steps by filling out the essential information on the litter registration form. Additionally, information carefully read this material,

If you want to register a litter before it has been 4 months since its birth, you must pay the early birth charge; if you wait longer than this, you must pay the usual fee.

What details must be provided for litter registration:

  • Enter accurate and thorough information regarding a liter.
  • owner information, such as citizenship and residence.
  • information on a credit card to make a secure payment.

You will receive a confirmation email at the registered email address you provided during the online litter registration process. You will also be in charge of the online registration form for litters. But you must register the litter with ADR in order to use our online system. Male and female puppy information must be provided separately, and all data must be managed in accordance with that information.

ADR keeps a tonne of data for future breeding of litter preservation. We are an open platform that allows users to easily upload, view, update, and store information about litter. Additionally, the litter register enables users to submit data for as many generations in the past as they like to store ancestral information. Additionally, it has the capability of storing details about each puppy’s health and productivity. Phenotypes are the terms used to describe these measurements of health and productivity.

Your Litter Registration Application With ADR

Register your litter with ADR to take advantage of the best functionality and service for looking up your litter registration. We offer a thorough registration certificate with three generations of litter information. All male and female puppies are classified differently and receive different information and registration. Future generations of puppies benefited from the development of the litter that was registered with the ADR Litter Registry. If your puppies are ever stolen or misplaced, the additional features of litter registration or adequate paperwork are helpful. 

We also give the puppy a tracking chip per the owner’s request, which greatly aids in the hunt for a missing dog. We recognize your sentimental and emotional commitment to your pet, and as a result, we make every effort to provide you with the best service possible.

The early birth charge is applicable to register a litter before the age of 4 months from the date of birth, and once this period has passed, the usual fee is due. You will receive a confirmation email on your registered email address after registering a litter online. To preserve and breed future litters, ADR keeps a vast amount of data. With the ability to easily add, view, update, and many other features, we are an open platform for registering litter information and data.

A thorough registration certificate with three generations of litters is what we offer. All male and female puppies are classified separately, receive different information, and are registered separately.

Application for litter registration

You will receive a change of ADR registered ownership form (form 6) for each puppy when your litter has been registered. To update The ADR recorded ownership, sign the reverse of this form and provide it to the new owner. As a formal declaration of their dedication to the puppy’s welfare, encourage the new owner to transfer the puppy’s ownership into their name. For each puppy, you sell, activate the free insurance coverage. Up to 10 days before the puppy is picked up by its new owner, this cover can be enabled. Please take note that your discount will be applied to the review page before you submit payment if you are an Assured Breeder.

What are the recommendations?

Currently, The ADR allows the use of two endorsements on registrations: export pedigree not permitted and progeny not eligible for registration. It is not prohibited by any of these endorsements for the dog to be exported or bred abroad, but it is prohibited from having any litters registered with The ADR and from having the dog registered by an ADR outside of the country.


  • Each registered puppy is given a unique set of registration papers.
  • Five weeks of complimentary pet insurance are offered to new owners.
  • Possibility to invest in a legitimate ADR pedigree and show off your breeding.
  • The wealth of knowledge, expertise and guidance available to new owners in the areas of canine care, health, breeding, and puppy/dog training is unmatched.

We used a sire from abroad. Are we able to register the litter?

A certified copy of the Three Generation Pedigree provided by the foreign ADR will need to be given to us. The pedigree information and the current registered ownership must be verified. This must be included with the litter application, per our requirements. The sire recording costs money. We don’t require a fee or pedigree if the dog in question has previously been recorded unless the owner has changed.

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