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Health and Fitness

How to treat dark circles?

Causes of Dark Circle & Treatment | Under Eye Gel Serum for Dark Circles

Eyes, as they say, are the true indicators of health and beauty. While bright and radiant eyes indicate you are in the pink of your health, dull, sunken, and tired-looking eyes are enough to betray ill-health. People who have been working night shifts for a long period of time or have been sleep deprived because of any other reason often sport such dark and sunken eyes. At the same time, there are others who have been bitten by the zero-figure bug and deprived themselves of nutrition. Whatever the reason, hollow, sunken eyes and dark circles are not a very good thing to happen to anybody and they mar your beauty.

Let’s take a look at the factors that can cause dark circles:

  • Lack of sleep is certainly the most significant factor. Your body and mind need a good period of rest after every day of hard work. But, our busy lifestyles often mean we stay up late and wake up early and are deprived of the much-needed sleep. When suffered for a prolonged period, sleep deprivation can show on the eyes, making them appear sunken with dark circles around.
  • Poor food habits and indigestion are other factors. Too much intake of fast food which is rich in calories but low in fiber can cause digestion problems in the long run. Stomach problems in many people manifest themselves in the eyes
  • Improper hydration in the body is another factor that can be dealt with. Consumer sufficient quantities of water each day to keep your eyes and face looking healthy
  • another reason that can augment the appearance of hollows under the eyes is the lack of timely treatment of dark circles. Dark circles are basically blood vessels that can be seen through the thin under-eye skin. Due to various factors including lack of sleep, stress, ageing, etc, these dark circles become permanent. Over a period of time, they turn into dark hollows.

 What to do:

  1. Ensure that you get enough sleep. Do away with social media addiction keep your phone away when you take to bed; this will help you stay away from late-night Facebook and WhatsApp messaging.
  1. Add a series of stress-busting practices to your regimen like yoga, walking, running, or even cycling to beat the stress, and modify your lifestyle to stay healthy, there is a quick remedy that you need for your eyes and face.
  2. Try some home remedies to reduce the darkness. Use potato and cucumber slices to cover your eyes for a few minutes daily. They help reduce dark circles.
  3. Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet rich in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and, broccoli to keep skin and eyes in good health.
  4. Keep cold or warm tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes to help improve blood circulation around the eyes


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