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Food and Drink

Is The Best Stevia Brand A Good Substitute For Sugar?

Stevia provides a calorie-free sugar from all natural alternatives of sugar and it replaces artificial sweeteners. The best stevia brand is around 30 times sweeter than normal sugar. It also means that it does not increase sugar levels, and various studies links to its health benefits. For example, prevent cavities, reduces plague, and balances blood sugar levels. Stevia replaces sugar with less or no calorie sweeteners.

There are a few differences arising between stevia vs sugar. Stevia is one of the sugar alternatives which is a small and bushy shrub that is native to Brazil and Paraguay. It belongs to the sunflower family in the form of powder for many centuries as a sweetener. It also acts as a digestive aid. Stevia has about 150 species, which belong to South and North America. The best tasting stevia is one of the healthier choices for sweeteners.

Stevia is a non-nutritive sweetener, that is no calories. It suits for those trying to lose weight and is in weight control program. It also depends on the consumption of stevia that you take. If you are diabetic, stevia helps to keep your blood sugar levels in control. Stevia contains stevia glycosides like Reb-A that are generally safe always. However, whole-leaf or crude stevia extract is not safe to use due to safety reasons. There is also a concern that raw stevia herb may harm some systems in your body like the reproductive system, kidney, and cardiovascular system. It may also drop the blood pressure drastically, or interact with medicines that lower blood sugar. Even though stevia is recommended for diabetic, stevia brands that have maltodextrin or dextrose, you must consume it carefully, as they are starch and glucose. The presence of these ingredients adds some amounts of calories and carbs. Depending on the usage of stevia, it impacts blood sugar. If you consume it rarely, it may not impact blood sugar, however, it you consume it regularly, it reduces the carbs.

Is Stevia healthy?

Stevia is one of the healthier variations of sweeteners, however, it is best if used at a moderate level. Some indication suggests that any sweetener like stevia do not stimulate insulin and may still encourage sugar cravings. Even though it is calorie free, tasting sweet triggers the brain cells and digestive system with a sugar caloric. Hence, body does not absorb these calories, however, the body can still start to crave carbohydrates or sugar.

Likewise, all stevia products are not the same. Some of them are highly processed and have additives like artificial sweeteners, sugar, and sugar alcohol. Check out the best stevia brand that is organic and sans additives. Check the labels of the best stevia brands, that mentions its source, whether it is from the whole plant and whether the powder is green. It indicates a good sign of the product.

Stevia is a natural substitute and is from a leaf of popular garden flowers like chrysanthemums and asters. Many people use stevia leaves to increase the sweetness of their tea for the past few years. Stevia is available in liquid or powder form in supermarkets and food stores.

What is stevia made from?

Stevia is derivative of the stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant’s leaves. It is an herbal shrub that origins from South America. This plant is also popular with names such as sweet leaf, candy leaf, or sugar leaf. The various compounds present in the stevia leaf provides the sweetness for the plant. The sweetener is from the extract of steviol glycosides from the leaves present on the stevia plant. The extraction is through a process that contains the leaves harvesting, then drying them, water extraction, and lastly purification. The crude extract of stevia has a bitter taste, however, purifying it removes the bitterness.

What is the difference between stevia and sugar?

Sugar is a natural substance that is from the plant’s sugar cane. It is chemically popular as sucrose, also called table sugar or cane sugar, and is made from glucose bound to fructose. As per nutrition, sugar is classified as a carbohydrate and contributes about 4 calories per gram when consumed. So, each teaspoon of consuming sugar also consumes 16 calories to your body. However, stevia is calorie free as it passes your body without any metabolism.

With regards to sweetness, stevia is sweeter than sugar and you can include less stevia to get the same sweetness level that sugar provides.

Due to this factor, stevia is ideal to sugar, especially for those who are diabetic, as it does not raise blood sugar.

If you do not have diabetic, sugar can cause harm to your health. It also contributes to consuming many calories, increases type 2 risk, and weight gain. Sugar is also harmful to teeth, as more sugars are the main cause of dental cavities. Stevia can be a tool to reduce calorie intake, that helps you to prevent obesity.


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