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Jaisalmer Desert Safari: An Ultimate Guide for Desert Adventure


Jaisalmer sometimes referred to as “The Golden City” is one of the cities located in Rajasthan, India, located 575 km (357 miles) to the west of the capital city, Jaipur. The city is crowned by the old Jaisalmer Fort, which stands on a ridge made of yellow Sandstone. A royal palace as well as several extravagant Jain temples can be seen in this fort. A lot of the homes and temples that are located in the fort and the town below are made of high-quality Sandstone.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is Rajasthan’s most anticipated and most well-known colorful and vibrant festival. The festival features races for camels, turban-tying as well as Mr. Desert competitions. Each year, in February it’s held.

The festival showcases Rajasthani folk dancing and music and is well-known among tourists from all over the world. The most popular part of the Jaisalmer festival of the desert is dancing Gair and Fire, performers. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit Jaisalmer to witness Kalbelia dances along with traditional music and folk songs.

Desert safari in Jaisalmer

Within the Desert safari in Jaisalmer are among the most sought-after activities in the Thar Desert. Safaris can range from riding on a camel exploring the dunes in fashion to riding horses and riding across the desert in comfortable vehicles.

The Jaisalmer desert offers plenty of sunshine and a never-ending strip of smooth sand. This makes it a well-known tourist attraction.

From walking through the dunes or admiring the traditional attire of camels, there are many things to enjoy in Jaisalmer. It’s an excellent destination to explore if you’re planning an excursion to Rajasthan.

Desert Camps for a Refreshing Getaway

A desert tour in Jaisalmer offers a variety of activities and attractions to keep your interest. The tourists have amazing experiences that can be enhanced with a comfortable stay.

Desert camps are in vogue in Jaisalmer and come with all the amenities that will make your time at the edge of desert life as relaxing as you can. Of all the luxury retreats, the luxurious Swiss camping is highly recommended as the most sought-after stay within the desert.

In Jaisalmer, There are a few points to be aware of when you go on a safari in the desert.

  • Put on the appropriate hat, cap, or turban. Also, don’t forget sunscreen and sunglass.
  • Dress up in a long-sleeved top or long pants, and shoes or sneakers.
  • Keep in mind that in deserts the sun turns hostile.
  • Keep your camera’s battery fully charged since there are many amazing shots to take.
  • Be sure to carry an extra torch as well as toilet paper, a towel as well as a first-aid kit.
  • In winter it is essential to wear warm clothing during the dark duration.
  • Although the Thar desert is filled with tourist places, there are a few that are distinctive and enhance the enjoyment of your journey to Jaisalmer!

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer’s Highlights

The major attractions of Jaisalmer should be explored during a desert safari. There are many exciting activities that you can participate in. The charming village of Khuri located on the outskirts of Jaisalmer is surrounded by beautiful dunes.

A ride on a camel in Khuri will take you over shifting dunes at a gentle pace and allows you to take in the Thar desert’s beautiful but barren landscape. The dunes, which are relatively unexplored, are a draw for visitors looking for a break from the bustling tourist trail.

The simple and easy lifestyle of the area is experienced as the sunshine’s golden rays and the distinctive patterns of the wind that dance during sunrise and sunset create a shadow and light game with epic dimensions. There are a few traditional mud huts as well as a bazaar run by locals found in the village that is nearby.

Sam Sand Dunes is an ideal spot to go quad biking.

The Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer are an absolute must-see. It is a well-known tourist spot in Rajasthan and is located close to the edges of Jaisalmer Desert National Park. The dunes, which lie between 42 and 45 kilometers away far from Jaisalmer, feature a clean, unbumpy road, which is managed with the help of The Indian Army.

Attend the Musical Evening for a Folk Extravaganza

As time passes the night gets more intense, indicating the beginning of Rajasthani Mujra, where dancers battle to win prizes. They all have their precise dance moves. The shows are scheduled so that the crowd is in their seats. A lavish meal in the traditional Rajasthani fashion concludes the evening at the safari camp in the desert in Jaisalmer. One of the major highlights of Jaisalmer’s nightlife includes Arabian dancing at night.

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Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer offers the unique Under Sky Sleeping in Rajasthan’s desert. This is a chance to experience a night clear of stars that twinkle. There is something magical about sleeping under the stars. It brings us those profound moments and reminds us that we’re tiny when compared to the vast scale of things.

The experience of waking to the sounds of birdsong rather than an alarm sounds amazing! A night in the stars the Camel Safari, traditional welcoming refreshments, folk music and dancing.

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