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Most Weird Laws Around The World

Sometimes, once or even more than once it happens with a student learning about the laws around the world. Not because they do something unlawful or illegal, but for multiple reasons like;

Any of the above could be a possibility that a student needs to know about what laws are prevailing in their surroundings and why. This could enhance their knowledge and can also help in identifying descriptive essay topics.

When students are writing about anything especially if it is something as critical as writing about the laws of the world they must make sure to have certain things clear about the writing protocol, like;

Create a skeleton form

A skeleton form is a list of the topics you want to cover, all the headings and subheadings, and the key terms or phrases you want to include in your writing are just a few examples of essay outlines.

The majority of the essay is easily finished once you’ve created an outline. Your essay is finished once you add an introduction, summarise the headings and subheadings, and add the conclusion (MES, n.d.)

Brainstorm As Much As You Can:

Always be willing to learn new things and consider fresh views. You can brainstorm just by sitting alone and giving your ideas some thought, or you can discuss your thoughts with those around you and solicit their feedback. Before writing essays, brainstorming makes it easier to separate important information from irrelevant details.

Now that we know what is required to pen down a good article when it comes to laws, let us find out what are the weirdest laws around the globe.

Weirdest laws around the world

Every nation has unique laws that reflect this diversity. Sometimes these regulations are downright absurd, and other times they highlight significant cultural values that may not be the same as your own.

Illegal to chew gums in Singapore

People tend to have different styles and different habits of doing things. However, those things can lead to disruption to others which is why Singapore has come up with a law that it is illegal to chew gums there.

When fools flout the law, sometimes we all pay the price. Singapore prohibited all gum substances in 1992 after chewing gum was used by vandals to damage the Mass Rapid Transit system and the Housing and Development Board had to spend $150,000 annually cleaning gum litres.

Except for nicotine and dental gums having medicinal value, anyone importing, selling, or producing gum in Singapore faces fines and/or jail time. That is why people especially internationals, avoid being caught blowing bubbles in public. (Wide, 2022)

Singers, Radio stations and Canada

There are many patriotic Canadians. So much so that it is mandated by law that at least 35% of the time on weekdays between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., all Canadian radio stations must play music by Canadian artists.

This means that during the workday, you’ll hear more than 20 minutes of music from proudly Canadian musicians like Nickelback, Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion, Michael Bublé, and Justin Bieber in a single hour of radio.

Speeding and pulling-over in Germany

Car enthusiasts and speed demons like travel along the German Autobahn since it is renowned for having dynamic speed restrictions that allow cars to go beyond 100 mph.

However, you risk receiving a large fine if you run out of gas. Additionally, don’t even consider going to the petrol station on foot because you’ll get fined again

Germans think it is your responsibility to keep your automobile properly fueled, hence it is your fault if you run out of gas. Both walking along the highway and having your car stall out on the side of the road are dangerous. Keep an eye on the gas gauge and fill it up when it starts to go low. (EaseMyTrip, 2022)

Hiking in Switzerland 

Swiss officials reminded people that there is still public indecency legislation in place and that you can be penalised if you are caught in the woods in the buff a decade ago after Swiss and German tourists decided to make naked hiking a thing in Switzerland. A Swiss guy was fined over $100 in 2011 for walking barefoot.

Changing light bulbs in Australia

Without a current licence, changing a lightbulb was illegal in Victorian times. A $10 Australian fine was imposed for taking control of your light.

But the 1998 Electricity Safety Act was revised with the new version. According to a spokesperson for Energy Safe Victoria, while the Electricity Safety Act makes it illegal to perform your electrical work without a licence, Order in Council G17 specifically exempted changing a light bulb and removing a plug from a socket from this requirement. (TheLawyerPortal, 2022)

No long face allowed in Milan 

Why so serious? In Milan, you are required by law to smile. It is required under an Austro-Hungarian-era city ordinance that has never been changed.

Funeral attendees, hospital staff, and others who were by a sick family member’s bedside were all exempt. Everyone else has no justification for being unhappy because doing otherwise would cost money.

Walking your dog outside is necessary for Italy

According to a new ordinance passed by the city council of Turin, Italy, dog owners who fail to walk their animals at least three times per day could face fines of up to €500. Italy prides itself on being an animal-loving country, and stray cats are legally protected in many cities.

Turin police would rely heavily on the assistance of informants who saw brutal treatment by neighbours in order to enforce the law. The country’s strictest animal protection laws are in place in Turin. Even the distribution of goldfish in bags at fairgrounds is prohibited.

No pigeon feeding in Venice

In 2008, Venice politicians made it illegal to feed the bothersome birds after hundreds of pigeons descended upon Saint Mark’s Square and Venice, attracted by the tourists who were willing to give them food in exchange for Instagram-worthy images.

Now that the tables have turned, it is estimated that cleaning up after the birds cost each inhabitant €275 per year. You risk fines of up to €700 if you’re found feeding the pigeons. Instead, it is preferable to capture the stunning bridges of Venice in the perfect photo.

Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee is a highly experienced algebra teacher who is passionate about helping students succeed in their studies. He has been teaching for over 16 years and has helped countless students who struggle to Take My Algebra Class.

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