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Roblox headless account for sale

Roblox has won many hearts since its launch. Though the game is children-centric, it has been really sensational in every walk of life. People have been going crazy about this game forever. The best part about having a Roblox account is that it gives you access to 50 million+ mini-games.

The popularity of this game has made gamers go crazy; they are willing to spend so much of their money on buying these accounts, increasing their demand. So if you are someone having plenty of old Roblox accounts, then this is your sign to put up those Roblox accounts for sale and earn some extra money.

Buying and selling game accounts can be tedious and tricky; however, with the introduction of Esports4g – it’s the most convenient thing to do. Esports4g is a marketplace for buying and selling game accounts, assets, and other gaming-related items. So, if you are eager to sell your old Roblox accounts, this is the best place you could go to.


One of the most popular bundles in Roblox is the Headless Horseman bundle. A Roblox account having a headless head available is referred to as a Roblox Headless account.

This kind of account is very rare as the availability is relatively less due to its popularity. A headless head is a part of the headless horseman bundle and is the smallest cosmetic available in the game.

The Roblox account having this cosmetic is quite costly as it falls in a rare category. If a person needs to buy the bundle, they would need 31,000 Robux. This is a lot for an average person to spend on the bundle.

But this proves that this bundle is in high demand, so if you have this rare account, then you can put up your Roblox headless account for sale on Esports4g and earn quite a bit.

It can also be seen that if you are not able to attain this amazing cosmetic item from the avatar shop in the game, then the only way you can get it is by buying it.


Robux is the premium currency available in Roblox. We gain Robux when we complete certain tasks. However, attaining a tremendous amount of Robux is difficult and takes a lot of time. Generally, what gamers do is buy Robux using real-time money.


So if you also desire to have a large amount of Robux as well as a decent account with fantastic features, you must check out Esports4g.


Are you also tired of Handling your old Roblox accounts and want to get rid of them? So rather than wasting them and letting all your effort used on those accounts go in vain, sell those accounts on Esports4g.

You will be offered irresistible deals, jaw-dropping prices, and the best variety of accounts to look at. Esports4g will not only let you sell your old Roblox accounts but also give you an option to put up a Roblox headless account for sale.

You can buy and sell any account and asset you are interested in without fearing being scammed.


You all must be wondering why one should choose Esports4g over other sites?

The answer is quite apparent; it is the only website that offers a resolution to its user’s grievances within 12hrs from when the issue has been stated. It is a website that focuses a lot on its customers and aims to create a safe environment for all gamers who wish to trade their game accounts and assets.

Not only this, but the level of confidentiality and security it maintains is top-notch. If you want to trade your Roblox accounts, then you can do it here at Esports4g without even giving it a second thought.

So what are you waiting for?

Whether you wish to sell your old Roblox accounts or put your unique and exciting Roblox accounts for sale, Esports4g is the place.

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