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Tableware Buying Guide in UAE

A good collection of tableware in UAE can make your days more festive, rendering a rich look in setting the table and serving on every special occasion. Every meal becomes enjoyable when served beautifully on a premium tableware collection, perfect dishes and cutlery placed with the right style of glasses could be a stylish intervention for special occasions. The wide range of stylish dining products can be just everything you need for any event to transform the mood into an exotic ambiance. With the elegant style and premium quality dinnerware collections, you may get to set an exception for the week.

A dining table goes attractive not with the food types, but beauty lies in the beauty of the dinnerware. So, choosing the right dinnerware can be a daunting task, as you have to make sure the one you select goes with the new trending style. Selecting the right piece can keep you and your family at the dining table entertained with its utmost performance worth your investment.

So, in short, the crockery is an essential component that lies major in the appearance of your dishes and adds an extra flavor to the overall experience as well. The dinnerware you have invested in holds up over time and among the all possible options available in the market, the one you choose has to go matching with your needs without creating any confusion or challenges. 

In this crockery buying guide, we help you navigate the sea of options in the crockery world, noting down the most important considerations and tips you should keep in mind when choosing the best tableware set for your amazing dining experience. 


The right investment in the dinnerware set becomes comfortable if you go ahead with the right material. An extremely vital consideration happens with the material of the dinnerware and it becomes essential to have a better understanding before you make a worthy purchase. Come, let’s know a few in detail:

Bone China: It is a lightweight and strong material, a mixture of China clay and Bone ash. It is a ceramic type of high-quality, highly durable, and best suited for daily use as well as occasionally. They tend to be and are proven to be microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and oven safe.

The stoneware: Stonewares have a special finishing glaze that adds a special beauty to the collection. This material owns a layered sheen and impermeable finish, together they are proven to be strong, durable and chip resistant by all means. Stonewares are manufactured with strong material, but do care not to expose it to high heat and freezing temperature. 

Porcelain: Porcelain is a translucent body and a versatile material with incredible durability and is capable of withstanding high firing temperatures. They are safe to go with the dishwasher, microwave, and ovens. 

Style and Features

The variety of crockery styles is highly customizable and they do come 

in all colors, translucency, patterns, finishes, and shapes. Make sure your favorite color, pattern, and shape are renowned for their special features as well. The common feature labels include:

  • Thermal Shock: It is the change in temperature endurable by the set. The high thermal shock implies it can withstand large changes in temperature. 
  • Rolled Edge: Rolled edges can keep them safe against cracks and chips at least to some extent. 
  • Glazed Foot: Glazed feet can protect them from the abrasions that occur during stacking.
  • Vitrified: Vitrification strengthens the item and undergoing this process is highly important to retain the strength. The porcelain dishes need to be formally vitrified to stay intense and durable for a long time. 

So, while making a purchase of tableware, make sure to enquire about the material, notice the labels, and know the special features in detail. 

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