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The 10 best solar regulators – comparison and buying guide

lakewood short enphase

Are you organizing your solar installation to be self-sufficient or to have a good supply of free energy? In that case, you will know that you need a good solar charge regulator.

It is one of the most important components in solar installation and is responsible for regulating the sun’s energy that is transmitted from the solar panel to the battery.

Due to its relevance, it is recommended that you get a quality solar regulator, that provides good performance and that you know that, at all times, it will meet your demands.

Quality solar regulator

By making a good installation of solar energy, either in your home or in your van, you will ensure that you have an efficient supply that will help you a lot on a day-to-day basis. As always, you can trust me and the guide I have prepared. In it, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about charge regulators so that you can make the best purchase.

To choose the most recommended solar charge controllers, I have tested and analyzed different models from a large number of brands. As an expert in solar energy, I know very well that sometimes it is not all about trusting one brand or another.

There are models that, without being popular, can surprise and offer great performance. So I’ve been hard at work over the past few months to bring you this definitive list of the best lakewood short enphase charge controllers. Are these:

One of my favorite models. Putting it to the test is seeing first-hand what a good solar controller is capable of in all kinds of situations, both with moderate use and when it has to demonstrate its full effectiveness.

It is MPPT, which means that it works with maximum performance and that you can demand high power even on days when the sun does not want to come out.

If you have already tried a regulator before and have not obtained good results, especially if you come from a PWM, this is going to be the model that will help you regain faith. Because its performance is really high. He makes sure to maintain the van’s battery, in case you’re traveling with a camper, and that keeping all your equipment connected, even with a fridge, is easy.

supply power with ease

The rated load it supports is 20A and the voltage is 100V, which means you have ample flexibility to supply power with ease. It is even possible for you to pair the mobile through a Bluetooth connection, thus increasing the versatility of your service.

This will allow you to have complete control of the regulator’s performance with your phone, being able to see the status of the voltage, current, and battery at all times.

This is another model of excellent finish and results. It complies with everything that we can demand from MPPTs, reaching an energy efficiency very close to 100%. It takes care of getting the system to work at full capacity and the use of solar panels leaves a very good impression no matter what your demands of us are.

Like the previous model that I have recommended to you, it has a useful LCD screen that shows the status of the workflow. In addition to seeing the current, the display also uses a system of icons and numbers to describe various data.

For example, temperature, battery voltage, or current power generation. A guide is included next to the slider to help you get the most out of the display.

It works with the Modbus interface

It works with the Modbus interface, is compatible with all types of batteries, and is available at different capacity levels. This specifically that I recommend is the 10 A, which has personally become one of my favorites due to its good price and features.

Its use is significantly simplified not only by the presence of the screen but also because it can be connected to a program installed on the computer or an app on the mobile. This facilitates the control of the regulator and the supervision of its operation.

The first thing that strikes you about this controller is its design, but it is the moment you turn it on and connect it to your installation that you notice how well it works.

It also has low impact shock resistance, ensuring that it can be one of the best additions you make to your motorhome setup.

Its six protection systems take care of preventing incidents from occurring. It has high voltage protection, low voltage protection, temperature protection, overvoltage protection, and short circuit protection, and is even prepared so that it is not affected by contamination. With these protection systems, the manufacturer has made sure to create a regulator that is ready for anything.

Two USB ports are also included

The screen is LCD and allows you to view a large amount of information, such as the status of the regulator, the voltage, and the configuration in which the device is at all times. The backlight favors reading from any angle.

Two USB ports are also included in the structure, which is very practical. The buttons on the device help to configure options manually.

This is one of those charge controllers that is always on everyone’s lips. It accumulates a large number of sales and it does so because its value for money is very attractive.

It works with 30 A and is PWM, with the limitations that this entails. However, the general performance is good and within what can be asked for, the results offer very high efficiency.

It enables automated voltage detection and makes sure to introduce a high level of security through the Dual MOS system. It deals with providing protection by using various systems that prevent incidents such as short circuits and open circuit problems.

make changes to the device’s performance

The screen and the buttons around it have the advantage of allowing you to make changes to the device’s performance. For example, you can use it to switch between different parameters or work modes in which the regulator acts.

One of the simplest and, at the same time, inexpensive models. I am aware that sometimes it is necessary to take advantage of low-priced equipment. This is the model you can turn to in one of those situations.

It also allows you to adjust the discharge stop, reconnection, and float charge.

With this model, you can enjoy good performance with a low level of investment. It represents one of the best proposals within the category of PWM regulators, its operation is based on four phases.

It works in 12 and 24 V, with support for a large number of batteries, from gel to lithium. With them, it is easier to charge the mobile devices that you are sure to use during the day.

I have seen that it amply complies

With this charge controller, you are sure to enjoy good performance without having to buy one of the high-end models. It works well and is even surprising, especially since I had low expectations when I installed it in my camper. However, as I have been using it I have seen that it amply complies.

It is 20 A and has support for 12 and 24 V. It has the capacity to deal with solar management, providing good results.  They are 5 V 2.5 A and will help you to immediately charge your devices.

You can use it with all kinds of batteries, such as AGM, lithium, nickel oxide, or lead acid. In all cases, the regulator has an automatic shutdown system that protects the equipment and the installation. If the voltage ends in a figure below 8 V, the system turns off to avoid incidents.

Finally, pay attention to the LCD screen, in which all the parameters and the different configuration options are displayed.

has an icon system that is very easy to understand

Its LCD screen is simple and has an icon system that is very easy to understand. The buttons below the screen help to switch between the different pages and make setting the various parameters simple.

Different levels of protection include preparation for open circuits, reverse current, or overload problems.

Protects against high voltage, temperature problems, low voltage, contamination, or in the event of a power surge situation.

In addition, it has two USB connection ports and offers great performance. As much as it is not MPPT, it is one of the most suitable equipment within its price range.

It can also overcome other types of safety issues that may occur, such as short circuits, overcurrents, or open circuits.

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