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The Top 11 Proven Article Rewriters for 2022

Want to produce original content quickly? See which article rewriters are the best for 2022. You can rewrite articles with the help of these tools without any extra effects. 

With the help of these tools, you can improve your website’s ranking on search engines. 

So, based on the analysis here, we are discussing the top 11 article rewriters for 2022. 

1. Seoczar Seo Tool

If you are looking for the most precise and high-quality tool for spinning the content, Seoczar Seo Tool would be the best choice for you. 

This tool is the best choice for improving your website Seo while paraphrasing the content. It has around 700,000 words which came up with high-quality content. 

Its artificial intelligence can analyze the sense of the content and make your content more fluent and relatable. Some relatable and useful features are: 

  • Free to use
  • Strong vocabulary 
  • No plagiarism 
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization 
  • Well Framed Content
  • Enhance readability 

In this Seoczar tool, you can directly paste your content or upload various formats like doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt.  

2. Quillbot 

Best for content marketers and writers looking for the most precise paraphrase tool to create high-quality content

Quillbot is the top article generator tool because it creates text that is readable by humans. It was founded by Rohan Gupta in 2017. It analyzes and reformats your writing using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

According to Quillbot, 75% of writing time can be saved, and 85% of students see an improvement in their grades. If you’re writing content for your website or a project for school, Quillbot works great. You can tailor your material using a variety of options. These consist of:

  • Accuracy
  • Including unique and creative+
  • Guidelines
  • Simplify
  • Increase
  • Structured

Consider that you want to turn an 800-word post into a 3000-word article. Simply paste your material into Quillbot after choosing the expand option. Although the results could need some editing, they nonetheless represent a good starting point.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be glad to hear that Quillbot is a reasonable option. There are three price ranges available:

  1. The cost of a monthly plan is $4.95.
  2. Every six months, the semi-annual plan will cost you $24.96.
  3. A yearly subscription costs $39.95.

Here are a few useful Quillbot features:

  • Frost Words
  • Comparative Mode
  • Check for plagiarism

You can stop Quillbot from changing certain words when rewriting content by using the Freeze Words feature. For instance, if you upload an article about red light therapy into Quillbot, Quillbot can substitute the term “Red” for a synonym like “Scarlet,” and your writing will be completely illegible. With Freeze Words, Quillbot leaves some words alone, producing superior results.

Another element that caught my attention was Compare Modes. You can examine a statement and the outcome in each of Quillbot’s modes using Compare Modes. If you’re having trouble deciding which writing style to paste your information in, this is helpful.

The plagiarism checker is the final noteworthy component. You can check again to see if the spinning material would catch search engines’ attention. It also helps if you wish to prevent unintentional plagiarism while writing material.

3. Wordtune 

Who Should Use It: Anyone seeking a paraphrasing tool and writing assistant in one.

Wordtune is another well-liked article rewriter. By altering the way we write, it seeks to revolutionize the lives of both readers and writers. Wordtune does this by rewriting difficult-to-understand sentences and phrases using natural language processing.

Anyone wishing to explore the platform without needing to invest can benefit from the free plan. It doesn’t have any complex capabilities but does let you rewrite 10 articles every day.

You can check an unlimited number of articles on the premium plan. You can tailor your writing to your audience by choosing from a variety of writing styles and modes.

The team plan is free, so you’ll have to get in touch with Wordtune to get a tailored membership. You can, however, invite coworkers and members of your team.

The following Wordtune characteristics caught my attention:

  • Harmonic changes
  • Checking for grammar and style

Wordtune, like Quillbot, offers tone modifications that let you edit original content using particular tones. For instance, if you’re a student, Wordtune should formally rewrite your paper. You also need a more informal writing style if you blog.

However, Wordtune provides more than just article spinner tools. Because you can use it to check for grammar and clarity concerns, it serves as an all-purpose writing assistant. Wordtune finds numerous errors and is more inexpensive than Grammarly, yet it isn’t as accurate as Grammarly.

Its compatibility with other well-known programs and websites, such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

So you won’t have to copy and paste your work into Wordtune while creating an email to team members or colleagues. You only need to install the Chrome extension for it to find mistakes while you write.

4. Spinbot 

 It is the best for new authors trying to increase content output on a budget.

Spinbot is a tool that lets you rewrite an infinite number of pieces of content, even on the free plan, and was created by Aamir Malik in 2019. This makes it ideal for beginning writers on a tight budget because you can advance your content strategy without investing any money.

Ads on the free plan, though, can be inconvenient if you’re trying to work. Consider subscribing to the service as you become more accustomed to the program. There is only one paid plan available, but there are two ways to pay:

  1. The cost of a six-month package is $50.
  2. The cost of the 12-month package is $75.

The subscription plan has no advertisements, but as it’s a new firm, it doesn’t have as many extra features as Quillbot and Wordtune.

Fortunately, they want to launch a “Translate and Spin” function that will let you quickly translate and spin information.

In general, you have to enter your work into a translation tool and paste the results into your paraphrasing software if you want to translate and spin information. Fortunately, Spinbot helps you to spin and translate phrases faster.

The use of this function is advantageous for individuals who produce content in various languages. Spinbot doesn’t offer tone adjustments, so simply paste your content in there and edit it according to your audience.

5. Spintax Generator 

Best for content producers who require a free, straightforward article rewriter without a lot of unnecessary features.

A free and simple-to-use program called Spintax Generator quickly spins your content. There are two distinct modes available:

  1. With Title Case Spintax
  2. Case Converter for Title

You can maintain your original formatting and letter case when utilizing the Spintax option with the title case. Spintax changes a few words in your article’s titles using the Title Case Converter. This is useful when switching from sentence case to title case on numerous headers.

Spintax Generator, however, is rudimentary and doesn’t provide other features like tone modifications, plagiarism checkers, and writing aids.

This makes it ideal for writers looking for simple, accurate tools that are also free. Quillbot or Wordtune are better options if you want something more sophisticated.

The simplicity of the Spintax Generator is what caught my attention. You will only discover a space to paste your text when you go to You won’t experience a learning curve and there are no distracting features.

6. Word AI 

Best For: Authors seeking a reliable paraphraser that supports bulk rewriting

Word AI is a rewriter that uses artificial intelligence and competes with Quillbot for accuracy. When registering, it provides a free trial and three pricing tiers:

  1. Monthly expenses come to $57.
  2. $324 yearly expenditures are involved.
  3. Enterprise.

You may get AI-powered rewriters, content that passes Copyscape, and bulk article rewriting with the monthly and yearly programs.

The bulk article rewriter is exceptional because few programs provide it, and it also helps you save time. You no longer need to revise each article individually. Simply copy and paste several articles into Word AI, and it will quickly rewrite them.

You’ll need to get in touch with Word AI so they can develop a plan for your team as the website doesn’t list a price for the business plan. You can invite more people this way, the content created is of higher quality, and you get a personal account manager. The software also includes a content calendar tool. This enables you to schedule content over several months.

7. Spin Rewriter 

Best For: Artists that require a simple tool with mass spinning and exporting capabilities.

Over 180,000 content producers utilize Spin Rewriter’s software to produce SEO-focused material, the company claims. It’s simple to understand why given that Spin Rewriter is precise software that is also reasonably priced and packed with features.

Along with a five-day free trial, there are three pricing tiers available when you join Spin Rewriter:

  1. Monthly expenses are $47
  2. $77 yearly is the cost.
  3. A once-off fee of $497 for a lifetime.

Within 30 days of your purchase, you may request a refund if you are unhappy with Spin Rewriter for any reason. There is no negative impact on you in doing this.

The following characteristics of Spin Rewriter caught my attention:

  • All plans include limitless article rewriting.
  • Thorough videos.
  • spinning in bulk and export.

Because limitless rewrites are included with every package with Spin Rewriter, I like it. This is unique because other programs only allow you to rewrite a specific amount of text.

The thorough video tutorials were very beneficial to me when I first started. It made it simple for me to register and get the most out of Spin Rewriter right away.

You can create more than 1,000 distinct pieces of copy utilizing your original content by using the mass export tool. By simply hitting a button, months’ worth of content production will be filled out.


Best For: Authors seeking a cheap article-spinning tool that won’t substitute words for illogical synonyms

CleverSpinner is software that instantly rewrites content while guaranteeing that it passes Copyscape and is completely readable. There is only one paid plan offered, and it has a monthly fee of $9.90. However, if you decide CleverSpinner isn’t for you, you have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee and a three-day free trial.

I was drawn to CleverSpinner for the following reasons:

  • It comprehends word meaning and context.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • The software can rewrite a 500-word blog post in less than 10 seconds.

Have you ever pasted your content into a synonym spinner, and it produced illogical synonyms? The process of manually removing these synonyms is time-consuming and tiresome. This is one of the main reasons I enjoy CleverSpinner. It comprehends your writing’s context and meaning, so all of its synonyms are accurate.

9. Chimp Rewriter 

Best for authors that like a tool that will research the subject at hand rather than merely spinning it.

Chimp Rewriter produces intricate and unique content in a matter of seconds. But what makes it special is that it doesn’t only change the words in the material to synonyms. To compose the best post possible, it analyzes your subject and gathers online articles and videos.

There is only one plan offered by Chimp Rewriter, but there are two ways to pay: 

  1. The cost of the monthly plan is $15.
  2. The annual plan is $99 a year.

You have access to functions like one-click tools, the ability to customize the Thesaurus, and multilingual choices with this plan. You can therefore create content in several languages, including French, German, and Dutch. The fact that Chimp Rewriter is incompatible with Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese is the only downside.

Additionally, you can link the Chimp Rewriter API with existing SEO tools like RankWyz, Search Engine Ranker, and WP Robot.

 10. Copymatic

Best For: Copywriters who want to update landing pages, social media ads, and email newsletters

When compared to other programs, Copymatic is specifically made for social media ads, landing pages, and email copy. Other tools mostly concentrate on rewriting articles.

Despite having all of these options, the UI is still simple. Simply choose the writing instrument you want to use, such as a landing page or a social media ad, and enter the information for your product. Give Copymatic as much information as you can about the goods or services you provide so that it can better tailor the copy to your company. Click “Generate” to complete the process, and you’re done.

  1. Copymatic provides two price tiers:
  2. The beginning is $19 per month.
  3. The Pro monthly fee is $32.

Credits, the price to generate material based on length and complexity, are used by Copymatic. The entry-level plan grants access to all Copymatic features and 1,000 credits each month, including:

  • 25+ languages
  • access to API
  • WordPress add-on
  • website builder
  • various writing tools, such as blog post generators, landing pages, and social media advertisements.

11. Spinner Chief 6 

Best For: Artists that desire a one-time fee structure and don’t want to commit to a monthly fee.

With the help of the bulk paraphrasing tool Spinner Chief 6, you can quickly create hundreds of original articles. Using its sophisticated natural language analysis, it also rewrites articles with a high level of readability.

It is simple to understand why Spinner Chief 6 is so well-liked by content producers given that it has over 200,000 active users. Three price ranges are available on their website:

  1. Free
  2. Once-off Elite costs $78.
  3. In total, it costs $122 once.

Anyone who doesn’t want to pay monthly fees will benefit greatly from this upfront pricing model. Rewriting and editing are made simple with the elite plan’s access to features like a fundamental NLP and grammar-checking helper.

A Super BigFileSpin, Spin Tree, and Translation Spin are additional features of the ultimate plan. This enables you to move between languages and spin files with more than 100,000 words.


With the help of effective tools, you may quickly produce and rewrite content with article rewriters. The writing may not be as captivating as human-written content, but this is nothing a few rounds of editing and proofreading can’t change. Because you don’t have to sit down and continually revise thousands of words, they can speed up the writing process.

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