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Top 6 Factors Which Affect Your Loan Against Property Eligibility Criteria

A loan against property is considered a multi-purpose loan that one can obtain by pledging a property as security. Based on the lender’s policy, one can borrow approximately 40-70% of the property’s market value as a loan amount. If a borrower arranges all the necessary documents, both the commercial and residential properties can be pledged as collateral.

One of the essential factors influencing an individual’s chances of securing credit is the loan against property eligibility criteria. Besides, there are other factors as well that significantly impact loan against property eligibility.

Top 6 factors impact LAP eligibility criteria 

 In a loan against property, individuals can opt for a loan term depending on their repayment capability. So, to avail a loan amount quickly and at affordable interest rates, individuals need to take a look at the following factors that affect loan against property eligibility criteria-

  • Loan quantum

The loan amount here has a direct effect on the eligibility criteria of a LAP. Since a higher loan amount entails a bigger risk for lenders, they would put in place stringent eligibility norms to ensure that a debtor is reliable.

Thus, it is ideal to opt for a loan amount as per one’s repayment capacity, ensuring no trouble in closing it successfully.

  • Tenor

Alongside the loan amount, the tenor also plays a part here. With a longer tenor, a financier has to carry the risk of lending for an extended period; hence, it can have an effect on one’s eligibility for a LAP.

Besides the eligibility, the loan tenor also shares an inverse relation with the loan against property interest rates. It means with an extended tenor, you need to bear a higher interest burden and vice versa.

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In this regard, you can take the assistance of a loan against property EMI calculator to find a suitable tenor that meets your repayment capacity, and helps you in fulfilling the eligibility as well.

  • Applicant’s employment profile 

An applicant’s employment profile is another important factor that affects one’s eligibility for a LAP. The monthly income, employment status, are a part of this requirement and one needs to meet them successfully. A point to understand here is that, the specifics of these categories are not universal, they alter with the choice of lender. Also, some financiers have additional requirements as well, which one needs to meet to satisfy the eligibility criteria.

  • Applicant’s age

A borrower’s age can play a significant part in his/her eligibility for a LAP. Therefore, for borrowers approaching retirement age may not always be eligible for a high-value credit as they will lose access to a regular income source. However, if they can convince financiers about the repayment, they may receive the loan amount and desired tenor that they want.

  • Credit rating

A borrower’s credit score shows how effectively he/she managed and repaid the credits so far. A score above 700 is considered to be a decent one, and with this figure. Since financial institutions run a credit check before approving any loan application, individuals can maintain a high score to better their eligibility for a loan against property.

  • Property documents

It is ideal to keep updated property documents handy to improve the loan against property eligibility criteria. Some of the common documents include- permission letters, clearances, building plans, registrations etc. Failing to submit these papers on time not only affects loan eligibility but may result in a rejection of loan application as well.

Apart from knowing how to apply for loan against property, individuals need to know the aforementioned factors that affect their eligibility, and apply accordingly.

Besides, eligible borrowers can avail pre-approved offers extended by reputed financial institutions that simplify and accelerate the loaning procedure. Moreover, these offers can be availed on a wide range of financing options such as home loan, loan against property etc. Debtors can check their pre-approved offer by submitting their name and contact information.

Therefore, if these factors are taken care of, and individuals understand the short and long-term responsibilities related to it, one can easily meet loan against property eligibility criteria and avail loan amount without any hassle.

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