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Top 7 Easiest Countries to Immigrate to in 2023

The trend Immigrate to experience a new lifestyle and culture is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Immigration is the current “HOT” topic! 

With almost every country accepting immigrants these days, it can be hard to keep track of the best and easiest country for Immigrate. Immigration is never easy. Where on one hand, the Canada PR process from India offers some of the easiest pathways, the process to apply for a PR in the United States can be a daunting task. 

In this post, we go over the top 7 easiest immigrant-friendly countries – more and more people are starting to call home. 

Easiest Countries to Immigrate to in 2023

  • Immigrate France

Ever dreamt about strolling the Seine River with a croissant in hand? You’re just in luck! Besides being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, France also offers more visa options to Immigrate who looking for a long-term stay. Back in 2017, the EU’s most accessible visa for tech workers was launched by the French government to boost the country’s tech industry – while granting immigrants a fast-track path to permanent residency. The French Tech Visa allows tech workers, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in France for a duration of 4 years. It is one of the longest-duration visa options in Europe!

  • The Caribbean

Who doesn’t want to live by the beach? It’s no surprise that more and more immigrants are relocating to the Caribbean to experience a vacay-like lifestyle all year round. The Caribbean government offers a plethora of visa options for remote workers and long-term travelers. Barbados recently launched the Barbados Welcome Stamp – a 12-month visa designed to financially support immigrants during their stay. Anguilla and Bermuda also offer similar visa options that vary in terms of eligibility and duration requirements. What’s more –Cayman Island offers the Global Citizen Concierge, for immigrants seeking a luxury visa experience. 

  • Immigrate Spain

Spain is another popular destination for travelers and remote workers. It recently introduced the Digital Nomad Visa which allows Immigrate seeking to work and live in the country for a duration of 12 months. Furthermore, under certain conditions, the visa can be extended for up to 3 years. This initiative plays a pivotal role in stimulating the social and economic activities in Spain’s smaller, less populated areas. For immigrants seeking a more chilled lifestyle and an escape from the bustling tourist spots – these sleepy beach towns and quaint villages are a perfect paradise!

  • Mexico

Offering rich cultural heritage and jaw-dropping natural wonders, Mexico is another newly popular destination for immigrants. Historically speaking, the government of Mexico has offered a 6-month tourist visa, but many immigrants are now opting for the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Spain’s TRV is valid for one year – with options to renew. Immigrate in Mexico can enjoy a wide array of benefits including a low cost of living, excellent healthcare, a vibrant cultural society, a laidback lifestyle, and easy pathways to apply for permanent residency. 

  • Immigrate Croatia

Croatia is another country that has jumped on the trend of being a popular immigrant-friendly destination. As of now, the small hidden gem in the Balkans offers a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), established primarily for remote workers. The government of Croatia also allows potential Immigrate to bring their immediate family members with them to remain in the country for a duration of 1 year. Besides offering easy immigration options, Croatia is a country of great diversity with its stunning Mediterranean weather, Adriatic coastline, and rich mountain forests. 

  • Indonesia

Indonesia is a perfect destination for immigrants looking for a change of pace and an independent lifestyle. The government of Indonesia is looking for new ways to boost its tourism economy – which had a devastating effect post the COVID-19 pandemic – particularly in Bali. Indonesia now plans to open a 5-year visa for remote workers and long-term travelers in Bali. A majority of Immigrate are likely to take advantage of this visa option – and grab the opportunity to experience Bali’s immigrant community and welcoming local nature. A picturesque destination indeed. 

  • Immigrate Canada

We’ve saved the best for the last. Canada is a country, built by immigrants – for immigrants. At present the Canadian government offers over 100+ visa options to aspiring immigrants from across the world. Ranked as the #1 liveable place in the world, the Great White North offers the easiest process for Canada PR from India. The step by step process for Canada PR can be undertaken as quickly as 6 months – that too with minimal requirements and prerequisites. With its new and improved immigration level plans, the government of Canada will seek to welcome over 430,000 new immigrants each year between 2022 and 2025. 

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