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What Are Prank Call Voice Changer Apps?

Have you ever placed a prank call while attempting to cover your tone with a handkerchief or by speaking through your nose? There are tonnes of voice changer apps available for Windows phones and PCs, so there’s no need to bother with altering your voice manually. Also, the ability to place phony calls and entirely conceal your identity was unheard of ten years ago. But these days, you may fake a phone number and accomplish what you need to do. 

So if you want to play a light-hearted practical joke on your pals or ask someone for information without giving away who you are, there are many voice changer websites and apps that can be a real help. Moreover, dealing with unwanted people without revealing yourself to them is another significant benefit of using a voice changer during phone contact.

So, if you want to laugh aloud during phone calls, here is the best voice changer. In addition, several apps provide extra features like different voices and special effects to improve speech quality. So start making practical jokes that won’t offend anyone using these 5 best Prank Call Voice Changer apps.

Top 5 Prank Call Voice Changer Apps 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 fantastic and handy prank call voice changer applications to save you the pain of endless searching.

1- MagicCall – Voice Changer App

Would you like to alter how you sound during live calls? Then MagicCall would completely transform your situation. For example, it may easily change your male voice to a female voice or the other way around. Additionally, it works with Android systems for children aged five and up.

Additionally, you can enable a variety of functions, including voice filters, while on a call. For a paid subscription, you’ll have to pay a credit ranging from $0.99 to $199. However, there is Great news for free accounts. You get free credit daily via the app, so you may continue playing practical jokes.

In addition, on Google Play, MagicCall has received over ten million downloads and has a 2.3-star rating. The app’s finest feature, though, is still a mystery. You can alter your voice while on a call by using the app!

Key Features

  • It’s accessible to both free and paid users.
  • Even the smallest touch during a call can make you sound cartoonish.
  • The software offers a huge variety of voices to choose from.
  • Since a free credit only allows for a 90-second call, it can be a little costly for users.

2- Prank Call Voice Changer App

Your favorite trickster Ownage Pranks, who has more than 5 million followers on YouTube channel, is the one and only creator of this program. Ownage Fans can imitate his exclusive voice-changing skill in his videos, which is a lifeline for them. Additionally, the app has over a million installations and a 4.3 rating, making it the favorite of many pranksters. 

So, you’ll have a tonne of fun after you put it on your smartphone. Can’t you come up with some fictional settings to play the Prank on? Not to worry! This voice-changing prank call application features all the recorded calls that adhere to the chosen plan. So all you have to do is pick the person you would like to prank, give them a call, and watch as they fall for your ruse. In addition, the app can spend equal to $0.99 – $27.99 per item credit.

Key Features

  • Sharing your call recording with friends and family is simple.
  • The app will allow you to get free credits every day.
  • You can use the artificial environment sounds to support your practical joke.

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3- Voice Changer with Effects

You can’t overlook the fact that this app has had over 100 million installations on Google Play and an overwhelmingly positive response from users, as evidenced by its 4.4 ratings.

Through sound settings, you may easily change the variations you add to the sound of your voice. The outstanding feature of this hoax voice-changing program is that you can choose from a variety of speech filters according to your preferences.

A version of Android 4.4 or later is required. Additionally, the starting price for each item is $2.99, which is a reasonable price. Sadly, there is no option for a live prank call. You must, thus, pre-record your audio to the effect of your choice, play it during the call, and watch as your victim falls for your hoax.

Key Features

  • You can change and alter your voice as needed.
  • You may apply a variety of filters to your voice to make it sound like a cyborg, an alien, a different gender, and more.
  • It is relatively low-priced than other voice changer apps.

4- PrankDial

Unfortunately, only Apple users can access this software. The apps mentioned above, however, are usable on the phone. In addition, it is widely regarded as the best voice-changing app for prank calls. As a result, the apple store has given it an excellent rating of 4.8.

You should choose this if you want to follow a predetermined path. The app’s collection of more than 100 prepared prank calls can benefit you. IOS 12.0 and newer users are supported by PrankDial. In addition, you can call three times a day for free, unlike other apps.

For a single user, three conversations per day are sufficient. To make a call using your credit, you must make an in-app purchase ranging from $2.99 to $25.99.

Key Features

  • It is well recognized for providing developers with effective support, as customers hardly ever run into bugs.
  • The in-app purchases are rather inexpensive, even though they are made through the Apple Store.
  • Because of its 78.6 MB size, some users might find it a little too large.

5- Prank Caller

Finally, For our iOS users, we have one more app on our list that is supported by iOS. The best part is that you can easily pick one of their popular pranks, like “Why did you contact my sister,” to play a prank on an unknown.

Similar to Prank Dial, Prank Caller gives you access to 3+ free audio calls per day. Install Prank Caller immediately if you’re a user looking to test out an iOS app with features similar to Ownage Pranks.

It features more than 150 different prank calls. Daily updates include fresh gags as well. Isn’t that incredible? IOS 12.0 or later is required, and the app version must be 11.0 or later. We can definitely understand why the voice changer app, which has a rating of 4.8 and excellent quick developer support, is one of the most well-known practical jokes.

Key Features

  • The software offers a wide variety of funny scenarios to pick from.
  • Let Prank Caller take complete control if you aren’t comfortable utilizing your voice.
  • The majority of the audience is unpaid. Token packages are available for in-app purchases. However, they cost $3 to $4.


Every person has, at some point, considered playing a joke on a friend or member of their family just for fun. That wish will come true after reading this post, which details the top 5 voice changers for calls. Both pre-recorded prank calls and live spoof calls can be used to trick people without them ever knowing who you are.

Therefore, all of these prank-call voice changer applications are fantastic; all you need to know is which exact characteristics you need to pull your friends’ collective trick. But be careful; they’ll be coming up with similar schemes to trick you, so take caution the next time you answer the phone. It could be your turn next!

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