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What Are The Benefits Of Core To Floor Therapy

Core To Floor Therapy

Core to Floor Therapy is a therapy that is designed to help people with chronic low back pain also helpful in urinary incontinence treatment. It is also used for patients who have had recent surgery on the lumbar spine, and it can be applied as part of a rehabilitation program after a meniscectomy or knee surgery.


If you’ve ever thought about trying non-invasive core to floor therapy, you’re not alone. And if you’re interested in investing in it and learning more about what it means for your body and your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Non-invasive core-to-floor therapy is a treatment that uses a combination of physical and therapeutic interventions to help improve your overall health and well-being. It’s available at most chiropractic offices, but what is it?

The basic idea behind core-to-floor therapy is that pain originating from the body’s “core” (the area around your spinal column) can be alleviated by manipulating other parts of the body or by improving circulation through massage. The goal of this type of treatment is to treat specific areas of pain that may have originated in your neck or lower back—and once those areas are resolved, it encourages an improved range of motion throughout the rest of your body.

How Is Core To Floor Therapy Different From Others?

Non-invasive core-to-floor therapy uses high-frequency stimulation (HFS) technology to treat patients with chronic pain, such as back and neck pain. This type of treatment is completely non-invasive and requires no incisions or stitches. HFS is performed by a machine that sends low-voltage electrical signals through the patient’s body. The signal then travels up through the spinal column and into the brain, where it stimulates nerve cells that regulate pain and muscle activity.

Benefits Of Core To Floor Therapy

There are many benefits of the core to floor therapy.

  • Improve Balance & Coordination

This type of therapy can help improve your balance and coordination, increase your strength and flexibility, and help you move more easily. Core-to-floor therapy can help you get back on your feet with a simple, low-cost treatment that’s easy to do in the comfort of your own home.

  • Reduce Pain

The core-to-floor therapy is a type of treatment that focuses on helping people with chronic pain. It is an alternative to other forms of therapy, such as physical therapy and conventional medicine. It can also help reduce pain in your back, hips, knees, and ankles.

  • Muscle relaxation

Non-invasive core-to-floor therapy is a treatment that uses the pressure of your body weight to help you heal. This technique helps in improving blood flow into the muscles, joints, and nerves. It’s a way to firm muscles and reduce swelling in the legs and feet. You can do it at home or in a doctor’s office. There are several different types of non-invasive core-to-floor therapy machines, but they all work by using your body weight as a treatment for pain and injury. They don’t require surgery or any invasive treatments like injections or cutting bone out of your foot.  

  • Strengthen Your Muscles

Core-to-floor therapy helps in strengthening your abdomen and pelvic muscles. Thus, this therapy is really helpful in urinary incontinence treatment.

How Do You Receive Core To Floor Therapy?

Core-to-floor therapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on strengthening the muscles in the abdominal and pelvic floor region. This type of therapy can be beneficial for those who suffer from incontinence, weak core muscles, or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. There are a few different ways that you can receive core-to-floor therapy.

  • One way is to do exercises on your own at home. Many online resources can provide you with guidance on how to perform these exercises correctly.
  • Another way to receive this type of therapy is by visiting a physical therapist like a geriatric primary care office. A physical therapist can help you to identify which muscles are weak and then design a program of exercises specifically for you. They can also provide guidance and support as you progress through your therapy.
  • Yet another option is to participate in an exercise class designed for people with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. These classes typically include a combination of education about the condition and specific exercises to help improve muscle strength.

No matter which method you choose, core-to-floor therapy can be an effective way to improve muscle strength and helpful in urinary incontinence treatment.

Who Can Receive Core To Floor Therapy?

Many individuals can benefit from core-to-floor therapy. This type of therapy can be used to help those who have suffered from an injury or who have a chronic condition that causes pain. It can also be used to help those who want to improve their overall well-being and fitness level. This treatment is really beneficial for elderly who are suffering from different health issues. 

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